Back to life as it should be.

We at Texas Spine Consultants, understand the challenges faced when confronting neck and back pain. The simple routines of life — tying your shoes, carrying groceries, lifting a child, or working an eight-hour day — can be painfully difficult. We also understand the importance of getting you help when you need it. You can have confidence in the care you receive at Texas Spine Consultants. Our highly-skilled team — who are among the best spine doctors in Dallas — are well-trained and approach your case with evidence-based medicine.

State of the art care.

Our spine doctors are committed to being knowledgeable and training in emerging medical technologies that promise to continually improve patient care. Texas Spine Consultants was the first clinic in Texas to master and use Intracept, a procedure recently approved by the FDA that kills pain fibers without requiring a long recovery or back surgery.

We want to minimize the economic impact of work-related injuries.

Back injury costs you lost workdays and lowered productivity. We work closely with subscribers and non-subscribers to design treatment that meets your specific needs. This requires thorough risk assessment reports, excellent communication, and a strong partnership.

Our in-office urgent care center allows patients to be seen immediately

Less costly than the ER, our Board Certified and state licensed Physician Assistants are available to assess patients and assist physicians in ordering the needed tests and studies. Both patients and employers appreciate the efficiency and cost savings of this continuum of care.

Most patients are back to life without surgery.

Neck and back complaints can be caused by numerous medical conditions. While surgery may be the primary choice in many surgical specialties, it is usually the last option when treating patients who suffer from neck and back ailments. In fact, 90% of our patients are treated successfully without surgery.

If you have questions, our experienced spine doctors can help.

Contact us today and start the process of getting back to life without neck or back pain.