Relief for Lower Back Pain

Texas Spine Consultants is proud to be the first clinic in Texas to offer the groundbreaking Intracept Procedure for patients with chronic lower back pain. The Intracept Procedure is a new minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that is based on two decades of scientific research on the existence of the basivertebral nerve and its role in chronic low back pain.

Low back pain affects nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population, which is responsible for 52 million annual visits to hospitals, emergency departments, outpatient clinics, and physician offices at a cost of more than $87 billion annually. For those who currently suffer from chronic low back pain, the primary medical options are physical therapy, medication, or surgical options like spinal fusion or total disc replacement.

Key Benefits of Intracept

  1. Provides a treatment option for patients who have not responded to conservative therapy
  2. Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
  3. Implant-free and preserves the structure of the spine
  4. Provides durable relief of chronic low back pain1



Because of its nominally-invasive, implant-free nature, the Intercept Procedure is extremely attractive for those looking for durable relief from chronic low back pain. This also means the structure of the spine is better preserved and the recovery time is minimal.

Dr. Andrew Park

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Texas Spine Consultants Intracept Procedure