“I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Hennessy is on my list of go to doctors for back injuries. My employee was so extremely pleased with his bedside manner that he came back and told me to put him at the top of my list. I sincerely want to thank each of you for your diligence in helping expedite my employee’s appointments. Team work makes the dream work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Tambrin K. Rivers

“Thank you, Dr. Viere, for your most courteous and professional assistance during my visit with you last week. It was very helpful, and I will, as you advised, follow u p with my surgeon Dr. Harris here in Austin. Please express my thanks also to your fine staff! They are most courteous and extremely helpful. Our mutual friend, Dr. Dan Sucato, our Chief of Staff, certainly sent me in the right direction!” Ralph Wayne

“Dr. Viere, as we approach Christmas in 2017, I give thanks to you for a quality of life gift that I could not have experienced without your sure hand. My back is not perfect, BUT most of the time is does not hurt, I can play golf again and the pain I have is tolerable. Thanks for taking a chance on an old man who is young at heart!” B.J. Melton, now 92 years old.

“I could only beg and cry for relief, but not able to understand where the problem resided. I no longer experienced any relief in any position. At the urging of a family member, I made the two hour trip to Dallas to see Dr. Kendall Carll at Texas Spine Consultants. Dr. Carll was immediately and graphically able to explain my condition with a 2 level disk issue in my neck, as well as my options. Even though he did not advocate surgery, this was the option I chose. I was very fortunate to be able to schedule this surgery just a few weeks out.”

“I now remember what it feels like to sleep through the night with out waking up from back pain.”

“Dr. Viere is an exceptional doctor. He takes time and shows genuine interest, has marvelous skills, explains your condition fully, gives options for a plan of care, and has exceptional follow-up. His PA is of the same high caliber; all have a great “bedside manner”. I would recommend him to everyone!”

“I put all of my trust in the skilled hands of Dr. Kendall Carll and his staff.”

“My 84 year old mother suffered severe pain for 3 years. Her dr. told her there was nothing to do. At her first appt. with Dr. Park he immediately said she had a small cyst pushing on the nerve at L4/L5 and that was causing the pain. He did surgery and she is completely pain free. She has her life back. Dr. Park is the most caring, compassionate dr. I’ve ever met, and I’ve been married to one for 29 years! He is never rushed, spends as much time as you need and answers all questions thoroughly. I would recommend him unconditionally. His office staff, nurses and PA’s are also exceptional. Phone calls were returned immediately.”

“Dr. Viere is a true blessing. His medical expertise literally “put me back together” after an extremely bad auto accident in which I suffered a broken neck and rib…I am SO grateful for this truly wonderful doctor. Dr. Viere’s compassion for his patients is unsurpassed, and he is never in a hurry, always taking time to answer questions and offer explanations regarding a patient’s case. I would recommend him with no hesitation.”

“Dr. Lin is caring, listens and allows you in making choices, works with you and your schedules and is excellent in his knowledge of not only pain management, but other areas. I would recommend him to anyone having pain issues. He has an awesome personality, and you won’t regret making an appointment with him. The office staff is great and you won’t be waiting over 15 minutes for your visit. His office returns phone calls quickly and don’t be surprised if it’s Dr. Lin calling you himself! He’s that caring!”

“The day of surgery I had neither fear nor reservation because I knew I needed relief. I put all of my trust in the skilled hands of Dr. Kendall Carll and his staff. I awoke from surgery and recovered approximately 4 hours later with absolutely no pain or numbness in my right arm or chest. I was so amazed and grateful. Each day has been better than the last. I am truly grateful to Dr. Carll and his staff for giving me my former life back.”

“He is a fantastic doctor. Wonderful bedside manner. We had seen another Spine doctor before him and he told my husband that he needed surgery right away. We sought a second opinion and he came highly recommended from a friend at church. Dr. Park recommended conservative therapy first. 3 years later, my husband is doing great and he is back to normal. His tests all look fine now. He is a trustworthy doctor who won’t just jump to surgery if it is not needed.”