“Dr. Hennessy and his staff are the best. They have given me nothing less than top notch care before, during, and after surgery. Anyone having any kind of disc or spine issue needs to make an appointment with Dr. Hennessy asap. You won’t regret it.” — Mark S., 5 Star Google review

“Dr. Carmody and supporting staff are awesome. I’ve been fighting insurance for a much needed surgery and they have really went to bat for me. Dr. Carmody truly treats me as an individual and not a number. I’d highly recommend them all.” — M. Quiroz, 5 Star Google review

“Dr. Park and staff are amazing. Nicest group of people, they care for their patients” — Gracie R., 5 Star Facebook review

“Dr. Viere understood my wish to not do surgery unless I absolutely had to and worked with me and respected my wishes. When it was time for me to have surgery, he showed me a lot of compassion knowing it was a hard decision for me to do.
I am now pain free and I owe it all to Dr. Viere.” — Stephanie P., 5 Star Google review

“Michael Hennessy, MD has done 2 surgerys on me. He is a very caring doctor he really has compassion for his patients. He has helped me get my life back. I have been dealing with cervical and lumbar spine problems since 2007. Dr Hennessy has helped me smile and live again. Thank you!” — Betty J., 5 Star Facebook review

“Doctor Carmody, Randy and Amber are fantastic, friendly and caring. Thank you for giving me my life back. I had basically sat for 8 months due to excruciating sciatic nerve pain caused by a facet cyst, but thanks to Dr. Carmody’s talent I am now pain free and enjoying my retirement again.” — Sharon S., 5 Star Google review

“Thank you Dr. Park for putting me on the path to a pain free life again! You are magically amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Park and the entire group of professional Doctors at Texas Spine Consultants!” — Kelly S., 5 Star Facebook Review

“Dr. Viere with Texas Spine Consultants gave me back a life that is almost pain free after years of suffering it neck pain. I recommend this place to anyone who suffers from neck and back pain. They are the best!” — April G., 5 Star Facebook review

“Dr. Michael Hennessy is awesome Surgeon/Doctor. He was patient as I was very nervous. He never rushed me to surgery and when it was time for surgery he explained the procedure to both myself and my hubby 2 times. I felt very ready when the time came. I am soo satisfied with the outcome and my scar is minimal. I’m glad I trusted him. Yes, I would recommend him again. The staff was always very courteous and patient.”

— Shivonne C., 5 Star Facebook review

“Excellent communication w/Dr. Cameron Carmody of all issues related to my initial lower back problems. I learned more about what was going on with my body in the midspine area that no other doctor had taken the time to share with me. I feel enlightened now & can see that they truly care about their patients.” — T. Ferguson, 5 Star Facebook review

“I have severe scoliosis and need to schedule a spinal fusion in about a year. I made an appointment with Dr. Andrew Park and he was fantastic at answering all of my questions and taking my case into careful consideration.” — Avanora, 5 Star Google review

“Dr. Viere is the best physician in the world!! I’m very happy being his patient and would highly recommend him to everyone. Dr. Viere has compassion for his patients and the quality of his work is seamless.” — Sumpter M., 5 Star Google review